"Nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose, -- a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye."
    ––Mary Shelley

A list of favorite things

  • Physics
  • Machine Learning
  • Competitive Programming
  • Robotics
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Star Wars
  • Chess

A list of interesting facts

  • Tensorflow's tf.ragged.stack function is buggy
    and they haven't fixed it for months angry faces;
    UPD: never mind, I switched to pytorch
  • Magnetic field doesn't do work on charges but has energy
  • My favorite song is the Imperial March
  • My favorite music is Merry-Go-Round of Life

A short bio

I grew up in Guangzhou China, a big city near Hong Kong. I studied in Tianhe Foreign Language School, a small middle school with incredible people. There, I juggled with robotics, game development, and foreign languages (English and Spanish). Most importantly, I developed a passion for physics and computer science!

Now, I attend Phillips Academy, Andover as part of the class of 2023. It's a big school with, again, incredible people. I continue to juggle with physics, computer science, robotics, and engineering!