Take a look around my personal projects!

(Some are not made public yet)

Machine Learning

Facemask Detection

An experimental architecture combining YOLO frontend with Fast RCNN backend tailored for face and facemask detection

Window Detector

Part of the Window Cleaning Drone project. We use both traditional computer vision and the specicial polarizing effect of windows to detect them

Song Recognizer

Remember Shazam? Well this is an open-source version of it I built with my friends that only has a database of 21 songs... But it works! Play a song while you run the program, then it gives you the song's name!

SqueezeNet PyTorch Implementation (with tweaks for caltech256 dataset)

I implemented SqueezeNet, a popular efficient CNN architecture in PyTorch for almost no reason :)

Stock Prediction

A couple RNN/LSTM-based models for predicting stock prices. Feel free to try it, but I'm not responsible for any investment losses

Optional Pooling Layer

A relatively failed experiment to produce scale invariance using optional pooling to provide more versatility than image pyramid

Game Development

Hunger Games

A 3D first-person shooting game that builds off the story of the book Hunger Games. See video


A 2D mobile game with spaceships, space, and bouncy stars, play it here


VEX 2019

Our opensourced VEX 2019 season code (include computer-vision-based autonomous round)

VEX 2021

Nope, we won't be opensourcing our code yet


Andover Window Cleaners

We are an aspiring group aiming to build a semi-autonomous drone system to clean windows by pressure spraying them



A bunch of solutions to a bunch of USACO problems

See this for Java solutions

Complex Geometric Calculator

A small learning tool for visualizing operations on complex numbers

Electromagnetic "Fluid" simulation

A simulator of imaginary electromagnetic fluid

Graphing Calculator

I have no idea why I made this :)